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The Big Sky Dog Training Course Curriculum for Success!

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Class One:

  • Meet and greet on lead / (accepting a friendly stranger, each class).
  • Check Equipment
  • Markers
  • Nose Targeting
  • Types of rewards & Release & Time outs
  • Come Game (Recall)
  • Sit, attention & Focus exercises and for petting
  • Wait at door on the way out
  • Socialization with people and dogs
  • Play biting or intentional biting or nipping

Class Two:  Bring a high-value dog bone or item

  • Appearance and Grooming, health & Nutrition (food)
  • Walk a straight line – loose leash walking
  • Walk through group with no interaction
  • Touch and recall to a reverse
  • Sit and Sit/Stay (2 person stay)
  • Down (drop) and Down/Stay
  • Leash corrections – using half-halts
  • Leave it / Drop it
  • Automatic Sit

Class Three: Bring a high-value dog bone or item

  • Recall from group (each class forward)
  • Down/Stay 6 ft. leash
  • Side Sit Command
  • Auto Sit
  • Down Stay (0-6 ft out with 360 turn around)
  • One dog recall
  • Leave it / Drop it
  • Stop
  • Wait at door, in car, stairs, etc.
  • Put collar/harness/leash on dog while calm
  • Down/stay 20ft leash without distractions

Class Four: Bring towel or dog bed

  • Long Line recall exercises
  • Puppy come/Recall from Group
  • One dog recall between 2 dogs from distance
  • Go to place (mat)
  • Walk through a crowd of dogs and owners
  • Add distraction during exercises
  • Tap and recall (reverse)
  • Stand for appearance and grooming
  • Recall (Come) when called from 10 ft & 20 foot (On Lead)

Class Five: Bring towel or dog bed

  • Two dog recall with distraction
  • Retrieve Game
  • Meet and great with a friendly stranger
  • Dog Comes when called – no distraction
  • Automatic Sit
  • Sit & Down Stay at a distance
  • Walk on loose leash
  • Recall from group of dogs
  • Go to your place (mat)
  • Reaction to distractions, noises
  • Supervised separation

Class Six: Bring towel or dog bed & Toy

  • Dog(s) comes when called – with distraction
  • Reaction to another dog during a sit
  • Nose Targeting
  • Sit & Down Stay – at a distance with distractions
  • Go to commands
  • Wheelchair exercises
  • Retrieve Game
  • Go to your mat
  • Certificates
  • CGC Test if interested
If you have any additional commands or issues you want to work on, please bring them up to the trainer.
If you want to take the Canine Good Citizen Test. Ask the trainer to schedule with you.