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Specially-Designed Puppy Obedience Training with Big Sky

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Class One:

  • Meet and greet on lead
  • Equipment Check
  • Markers Review
  • Nose Targeting
  • Types of Rewards, Release & Time Outs
  • Crate Training
  • Housebreaking your puppy
  • Puppy Come Game (Recall)
  • Sit, Attention & Focus exercises
  • Socialization with people and older dogs
  • Take potty in front and back yard & on walks
  • Grooming, Health & Nutrition (Food)
  • Importance of play in training
  • Puppy nipping/biting - intro

Class Two:  Bring a high-value dog bone or item

  • Leaving your puppy alone
  • Walk a straight line – loose leash walking
  • Touch and recall to a reverse
  • Sit and Sit/Stay (2 person Stay)
  • Down (drop) and Down/Stay
  • Leash corrections – using half-halts
  • Meet and greet a friendly stranger
  • Leave it / Drop it
  • Wait at door on the way out
  • Handling your puppy
  • Teaching bite inhibition
  • Socialization & exposure

Class Three: Bring a high-value dog bone or item

  • Leaving a puppy at home alone
  • Recall from group (each class forward)
  • Puppy meeting new people at door and outside
  • Down/Stay 6 ft. leash with distractions
  • Side Sit Command
  • Down Stay (0-6 ft out with 360 turn around)
  • One dog recall
  • Leave it / Drop it
  • Wait at door, in car, stairs, etc.
  • Put collar/harness/leash on dog while calm
  • Correct pulling on the leash
  • Nose Targeting Review

Class Four: Bring towel or dog bed

  • Chew Toy Training
  • Resource Guarding
  • Long Line recall exercises
  • Puppy come/Recall from Group
  • One dog recall between 2 dogs from distance
  • Walk through a crowd of dogs and owners while maintaining control
  • Add distraction during exercises
  • Tap and recall (reverse)
  • Stand for appearance and grooming
  • Puppy training in the car (car sickness?)
  • Auto Sit

Class Five: Bring towel or dog bed

  • Two dog recall no distraction
  • Retrieve Game
  • Meet and great with a friendly stranger
  • Dog Comes when called – no distraction
  • Automatic Sit
  • Sit & Down Stay at a distance
  • Walk on loose leash
  • Resource Guarding valued items

Class Six: Bring towel or dog bed

  • Review previous exercises (weaknesses)
  • Comes when called
  • Nose Targeting
  • Reaction to another dog during a sit
  • Sit & Down Stay – under control
  • Wheelchair exercises
  • Review other exercises
  • Certificates / STAR Puppy Test if interested