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Dog Training: What to Bring to Your First Group Class

1. Water bowl if you want (water & bowl is available in the classroom).

2. 6 ft flat leash, no retractable/expandable leashes please, they teach the dog to pull.

3. Soft yummy treats for your dog/puppy. Cut into small pieces, (turkey hot dogs, cut into small quarters work great).

4. No sandals footwear allowed in class, too easy to trip. Try and wear gym or street shoes.

5. Any training equipment you use. Each dog should have at a minimum, a collar with an ID tag, if you use a harness, etc., bring that with you also.

6. Bring your dog’s vaccination papers. I don’t need to keep them, but I need to see them.

7. The registration form I e-mailed to you. Please fill it out on both sides.

8. A $10.00 class fee for supplies, materials and handouts will be collected at the first class and paid to the instructor, Montana.